Monday, April 23, 2012

Miscellaneous Monday

Forgive me if it takes a little while to get back in the groove after my blogging hiatus. I have lots to share!

1. Thank you all so much for your congratulations on our little one! We're unbelievably excited! And yes, I'll definitely be blogging about the pregnancy and keeping you posted week by week. Those of you who aren't baby lovers (or just don't care about pregnancy/parenthood/etc) it might be time to stop following along now. But, you know, you were warned way back when...

2. In the past few weeks Mr. Fix-It and I both celebrated birthdays. There was something extra special about our birthdays this year - certainly knowing it's the last year you'll celebrate without a little on in your life is BIG. But also, last year, when I turned 29, I told Mr. Fix-It the only thing I wanted was to be pregnant by my 30th birthday. It just seems so amazing that a year passed since then AND we're exactly where we hoped to be. (The contingency plan was to start puppy shopping.)

3. This weekend we got serious about making room for baby. Our condo is a 2 bed, 2 bath and we pride ourselves on using our space as efficiently as possible. We were previously using our guest room closet for storage. Knowing that wouldn't work much longer (you should see how much stuff we've already been gifted!) we got crackin'.

I tore apart the closet.

Mr. Fix-It built this.
(He didn't earn his name for nothin'.)

4. Last night I took a few minutes to frame baby's first photo. I just couldn't resist!

What's new with you?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Until Now

Whenever a blog gets a little quiet, I tend to make one assumption: the blog writer is pregnant. This is probably because I always have baby brain, but often my theory is correct. And, just think about it: this huge life-changing thing is happening and you're not supposed to talk about it. But it's just about all you want to talk about. And all you can think about. So you get quiet.

So, you've probably noticed this blog has been a little quiet.

And this huge life-changing thing happened that I wasn't supposed to talk about.


WE HAVE A BABY ON THE WAY!!! And we couldn't be more excited.