Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pregnancy Week by Week: Week 35

This week Mr. Fix-It and I enjoyed a little getaway to celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! It was a perfect trip - we got out of the city and felt like we were able to enjoy some quality time together before our little one arrives. We both snuck out of work a little early on Friday and headed up the west coast of Michigan. We stopped in one adorable coastal town after another, exploring and doing some light hiking.

My feat of the trip was climbing 200+ stairs during one of our excursions. At first I felt all, "I'm so awesome for doing this" but then I got lapped by a 40w+ pregnant lady trying to induce labor. Oh well, I still made it!

 SOME of the stairs!

Overall, things are still going wonderfully well and week 35 flew by pretty quickly! My office was closed Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights we were at the hospital for a breastfeeding and our childbirth class, and Friday afternoon we were on our way to Michigan. I can only hope time continues to move at this pace!


  1. Time sure does seem to be flying! I can't believe I"m seeing your week 35 picture already. I have something in the works planned for you so please don't have that baby yet, k thanks!!!!! And that's so funny about the 40+ week preggo walking around out there!!!

  2. I can't believe I am looking at my baby having a baby. You look so beautiful sweetheart. Love from a grandma in waiting.

  3. Well, it's okay that the 40w+ woman lapped you. She was trying to hurry her little one out, you were trying to keep yours nice and cozy.

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