Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Week In Fix-It Fashion (Installment 2)

I realized that my last (and only) "Week In Fix-It Fashion" post was ages ago. Also, it was in the dead of winter. I decided it was the perfect time to snap another week's worth of photos now that it is most definitely not winter in Chicago!


I kind of cheated. This is my after work outfit. Plus I'm being a show-off because I'm really proud of the fact that Mr. Fix-It and I have made a fantastic effort to regularly hit the gym.


Top - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Pants - Nordstrom Rack
Shoes - Katie and Kelly via DSW


Top - Calvin Klein via Bloomingdales
Pants - Banana Republic
Shoes - Tory Burch


Dress - BCBG via Bloomingdales
Shoes - Tory Burch


Top - GAP
Bottoms - Paige Denim via Bloomingdales
Shoes - Katie and Kelly via DSW


Dress - Random Brand via Off 5th Saks Outlet
Shoes - Purchased in Athens, Greece

I really enjoy doing these posts! One reason is because when I think about blogging my outfits I force myself to get a little more creative than usual. On a typical Thursday, I won't opt to wear a dress to work. There's no good reason, though - it's always worthwhile to put some effort into looking and feeling your best!


  1. I LOVE your Thursday outfit. I want to copy it. Also.. this is my first time visiting your blog and I just wandered through your "house tour." Wow. I seriously love everything you have done with your house. And I am dying to know right now the following two things: (1) did you paint your own kitchen cabinet; and (2) is the couch in your guest bedroom a sleeper sofa? I will be following your blog because I love it already!

  2. Great post, I'm a new reader with a similar body type to you. Quick question, did you get those Banana Republic shorts recently? They look really good on you and you've got me thinking I could rock them as well. I hope you continue these types of posts!

  3. @lisamarie: yes, we did repaint our cabinets. rustoleum has a kit out now that we would have liked to try. it's a refinishing kit that probably would have saved us several steps! also, the sofa in the guest room is a queen-sized pull out. we liked that it gave us options!

  4. @ Sarah: I actually got them a season or two ago. Typically I don't do well in Banana pants. The key for me seems to be length!

  5. You look so cute in all of these! I especially like your wrap dress from BCBG!

  6. Uh, you're looking FABULOUS! Love that black dress on you, and totally envious of those Paige jeans!

  7. So cute! Tues and thurs are my faves! Love seeing these posts!

  8. Oooh I love me a maxi dress - so cute!