Friday, January 21, 2011 a natural woman

A few of the bloggers I follow are doing posts on owning their natural beauty. I'm all for this. I am the type to cringe when women post photos with loud disclaimers to the effect of, "AAAAHH! I'm so ugly! No make up!" Here's the thing - I'm all for admitting your bare face might not be your best face, but ladies, let's not call ourselves ugly. Please. You're just a leeeeetle nekkkid.

A few years ago Dove launched what I consider a FANTASTIC campaign on owning our real beauty. So, I'm not sure if this little 'ol blog inspires anyone, but here is my "real beauty".

Here I am right out of bed. I wear bareMinerals, and because I opt to take their advertising literally, I do sleep in my makeup.

Oh, look, she's waking up.

Next, I opted to wash my face for you all. This is where my skin shows signs of being pink and uneven. Honestly, the picture is being kind, but alas the water dripped on my shirt should at least prove that I gave a good scrubbing.

Later, I'm ready for work. Not really my spiffiest of days, but the lighting in the bathroom isn't super awesome either. It's also allegedly hovering around 5 degrees in Chicago, so apparently hair styling takes a back seat to getting shoved under a hat in a few minutes.

And, last, on a somewhat unrelated note: here's my outfit. I think I pull together some good stuff for my body type and have a decent fashion sense. Drop me a line if you're interested in me doing a fashion post here and there. Perhaps a weekly recap of what I've worn. Could be fun.

Do you own your beauty? Do you make time for fashion? In what ways do you wish you could change your relationship with both/either?

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  1. I'm glad you did this post as well! You have lovely skin my dear! And I am totally digging your outfit...

  2. You are just gorgeous! You don't even NEED makeup!

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