Monday, July 6, 2015
Just a few things have happened in the past few months:

1. We moved.

2. We renovated the heck out of our house.

3.  We welcomed these sweet boys to our family.

How's that for an excuse for letting blogging fall by the wayside? Also, follow @thefixits on instagram for regular updates and life snippets.
Sunday, October 12, 2014
I just realized that it's possible that you don't follow me on instagram (@thefixits). And, if this is the case, you probably missed a little announcement a few weeks back.

At 15 weeks pregnant we opted for an elective ultrasound. About a week later we shared the news with family. Then, at our anatomy scan we saw - without a shadow of a doubt - the sex of these babies. TWIN BOYS.

The word I kept coming back to was shocked. I was honestly, completely, beyond shocked that these babies are two boys. And now that the shock has worn off, total excitement has kicked in. These little dudes are going to be so much fun.


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